Demolition Contractor Services

Interior Demo and Outdoor Demo

Demolition Contractor Services

Snap Junk Removal also acts as a demolition contractor and offers tear down services in the Houston area. We can come out and demo and remove: wooden sheds, metal sheds, decks, fencing, wooden kids play sets, hot tubs, above ground pools, pergolas, small buildings, mobile homes and trailer homes, etc

We can also do some interior demo work such as sheet rock removal, kitchen cabinet and counter removal, wood paneling removal, bathroom vanity, toilet, and tub removal etc (basically we can take the interior of you home down to the studs for your remodeling or real estate investment project).

Most projects have to be quoted in person due to the highly variable nature and circumstances involved in demolition projects. Call or text 281-610-6682

Some types of demolition work that we can give you straight forward pricing on include:

Hot Tub Removal (above ground): $600 plus tax

Deck Removal: $2 per square foot (some exceptions)

Fencing Removal: $7 per linear foot

Shed and building removal however tends to be a little bit more in depth though, with more variances in the integrity of the structure, the materials used, fasteners used, the general state of decay of the lumber. Some sheds just have an exterior wall, no flooring, and a caved in roof. Others are quite sturdy and have sheet rock, full deck of 1 inch flooring, shingles, electrical, and have not had any water damage whatsoever so they take like 4 times as long and a lot of labor to break down.

Another major concern is the distance from the structure to possible loading points. Sometimes we can back our dumpster right up to a wooden shed and load the pieces very quickly. Other times it might literally be 200 ft from someones backyard shed to where we can park in their driveway and it ends up taking three hours just to load the debris versus like 30 minutes if we can park right next to it.

Hot tubs can typically be chopped up into pieces using a reciprocating saw mainly within about an hour, followed by hauling all the chopped sections to the dumpster. Maybe an hour and a half from start to finish. This is an oversimplification though. The rubber/vinyl supply tubes typically need to be cut with garden shears, as they vibrate instead of cut when you apply a sawzall. The wiring needs to be cut with wire cutters. The sides need to be bashed out and pried off with a sledge hammer and 3ft prybar. Finally, before any of this demolition service begins, the hot tub is hopefully drained and the electric supply needs to be turned off at the breaker (electrocution hazard).

Decks we typically cut into shorter boards using a circular and/or reciprocating saw, then pry up the decking one board at a time using a 3ft pry bar and a small hand held sledge hammer to whack the pry bar between the boards. Sometimes you have to unbolt parts of the frame from the home's foundation as well. Once the top boards are pried up, we usually break down the frame by hammering at the joints with a sledge hammer, then cutting the longer boards into lighter and shorter pieces that can be carried and will fit into the dumpster. The posts can typically be separated from the concrete with a few good whacks of the sledgehammer and slid out and upward.

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