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Shed Removal and Example

Metal Shed Removal

Shed Removals need to be bid on a case by case basis, as there is a lot of variability in the quality and nature of their construction, level of degradation, distance to where we can park a dumpster or trailer to load the debris, and materials used, as well as volume of junk that is typically stored in the shed marked for demolition if it is not empty. For instance, a 10x8 metal shed with no flooring that has the screws and fasteners rusted out can often be demolished and removed in a matter of 15-20 minutes once we are already on site, and the thin metal is lightweight and recyclable and compresses well so it saves on space and on dump fees. Add some wood flooring with some subframing to that situation and the volume and time to demo goes up. It may only take a sawzall with metal fine tooth blade to few cuts to disconnect the parts into carryable peices. As an experienced demolition company near Tomball, we can tell you these small metal sheds are usually the easiest to get rid of and may only weigh 150-200 pounds.

Wooden Shed Removal

Compare that to a wooden shed with a shingled roof and wood flooring with framing below. A 10x8 shed may weigh up to 2 or 3 thousands pounds and take up 10-12 cubic yards. The shingles need to be pried off to get access to the wood paneling (roof decking) beneath, which can be heavy and difficult to separate from the roof framing. It will take a sledge hammer, many cuts with a sawzall, and a 3 ft prybar to knock out and pry off the wood siding and floor plywood and demolish the wood framing, a 4 wheel cart to haul the lumber to the loading point through gates from what is typically a backyard, and a wheel barrow or trash can and dolly to move the shingles to the dumpster. If the shed to be removed is old and rotten (they typically are), the demo part goes faster, but sometimes we get sheds being removed do to HOA restrictions or relocation situations that are still in really good shape, and it can double the amount of time it takes to get them removed.

Other Shed Removal Cost Factors

Obviously, shed demolitions come in a variety of sizes, and larger shed removals cost more because the demolition takes longer, there is more material so they weigh more and so are more difficult to carry and the dump fees are higher. Some other factors that can drive up the costs involved in shed junk removal include having sheet rock (more material and time), electrical installed (more wires to cut through and shock hazard concerns, being attached to other structures that make us excercise more caution not to damage anything else (shed attatched to one side of house, sharing a wall and roof overlap, or a large lean-to shed we took out at a post office that was bolted into a large brick wall for example), pest infestations (we've run into snakes, possums, and bees/wasps/spiders that can be a threat to our workers), lots of junk still stored in the shed that needs to get hauled off, excessive loading distance, etc. As a brash generalization, you might expect to pay up to $10 a cubic yard for shed removal and shed demolition, including the price of demo labor, hauling, and dump fees. So a 10x8 80sq ft shed might cost up to $800 all-in, but will probably be a little less.

Example Shed Demolition and Removal

One example of a shed removal job we did was for a church near us in Spring Tx that had an 8 x 20 ft metal/wood outdoor bulding they needed done for them. Homeless people had been breaking into it and living there repeatedly, taking stolen goods there, and doing drugs and other sorts of activities there as well. I’m not sure if that was the main motivation to get rid of it or if they had other plans for the lot that it was on. Our customer’s church friends had actually tried to move the metal shed using a flat bed truck because it was in pretty decent condition, but it proved more difficult than they anticipated and the frame of the shed shed got tweaked and damaged in the process of moving it, so they called out Snap Junk Removal instead. Not only did the truck they were trying to move the metal building with start to get stuck in the mud, but the asymmetric attachment points they used tweaked the structure at an agle, deforming the building in the process. Its not as easy to pick up a building without damaging it as you might think. And I can tell you from having the experience of breaking it down, this shed was SOLID, and not at all in a stage of rot or water damage. We managed to fit the entire shed in one single 15 yard trailer (16x6x4 ft) with it sticking out the top a little bit. The whole project ended up taking two guys about 6 hours, we didn't finish till night fall. Some of the things we struggled with were trying to detach the metal from the roof because it was high up, and then once we managed to tip it over, the wood was solid enough that the screws were sticking very well (screwed in not nailed), making the metal roof and flashing very challenging to pry off with a crow bar, so we had to resort to unscrewing one screw at a time on parts of it. Also, the deck boards on the base were very thick and heavy and still dry (not typical for our usual rotten deck/base removal). If you need shed removal, metal building removal, or any other demolition project, please give Mike a call at 281-610-6682

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