Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Removal

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Hot Tub Removal Service Process

Schedule your hot tub / above ground spa / jacuzzi removal and we will send out 2 workers to get rid of it. For demolition services in Houston, our process depends on the layout of your back yard and how heavy your particular model of hot tub its. Typically we will use a sawzall to cut it up and remove it in peices because they are usually a little too heavy (up to 500-800 lb or more) for two guys to lift outright. Also, half or more of the backyards we remove them from have gates that are too narrow to fit the hot tub through. However, if your gate is wide enough and the hot tub is not too heavy, sometimes we can put it on our heavy duty cart and just roll it out. The removal process usually takes 1.5 hours or less. Some hot tubs that have the entire contents encased in a hard foam insulation that can be a little more challenging and time consuming to cut up. Sorry but we do not cap off the electrical connections (or plumbing if applicable) afterwards, as we are not licensed electricians or plumbers and have to avoid related liability issues. If there is a deck below the hot tub that you would like removed it is not included in the price. Add the hot tub to the check out cart to determine your hot tub removal cost. Spas can get covered with grime or slime. Sometimes they're so icky, you don’t even want to clean it because it’s so far gone.

Getting rid of the eyesore hot tub or Jacuzzi spa can really help increase your backyard’s appeal & feel. Down here in Southeast Texas, the mildew and buggies can really overwhelm your hot tub oasis. They get dingy or the wood starts getting crumbly or just stays damp which can really create a feeling that germs and bacteria will possibly make things unhealthy for you. That’s where we come in.

How to prepare for your above ground Hot Tub Removal We do ask that you turn off the power to the hot tub at the breaker if you have not already done so, or at least give us access to the breaker box so that we can do it for you. Also, we do appreciate it if you can drain most of the water from the hot tub prior to our arrival. If you can't that is fine, we can cut hoses and drain it out onsite pretty quickly, it just creates a muddy situation where we walk around in your yard sometimes. Lastly, we need access to a power outlet so that we can use our sawzalls. 

The process.
  • Hot tub demolition begins with MAKING SURE THE POWER IS OFF! (yow! We can get hurt if the breaker is on).
  • We need the tub to be mostly drained before we get there to save time & multiple trips.
  • We will then use our mighty hammers and pry bars to remove the skirting from the sides.
  • We snip & break off most of the hoses, remove the heater & pump, and cap the electrical temporarily (we’re not electricians!).
  • We cut the tub into pieces.
  • We haul the pieces to our Snap Junk trailer.
  • We remove any under pan or foam and frame wood & haul away in our trailer.
  • If there is a concrete slab or deck, then we sweep and DONE!
The process of hot tub removal takes about 2 hours. And the best part is you can just schedule us to come out while you’re working or playing & we can text you before & after photos then collect credit card payment over phone or grab a check while we’re at the house! EASY! Why let that crummy old bygone tub sit there another day!??!! Let Snap Junk Removal come haul away hot tub or spa!
If you're ready to find out more or to just go ahead and schedule us to come break down your hot tub and haul it way.

Please call or text us at 281-610-6682 if you have any questions or concerns.

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