Whole House Junk Hauling Job in Cypress Tx

In early 2017, we got a call from some local real estate investors who recently purchased a real estate investment property in Cypress, Texas. The house remained abandoned for about 16 months and the owners left nearly 80 cubic yards of trash including couches, dishes, furniture, garage waste, mattresses, and much more.  Since we know home flippers are on tight deadlines to get these houses ready for renovation, we bid the job on a Friday, was quoted as next to lowest but most professional and capable, and started the whole house junk hauling job on Wednesday when our customer was ready for us. The home was located in a more established area of Cypress known as Ravensway where the architecture is from the late 70s, early 80s. The roughly, 2200 sq ft, two story house had four bedrooms with 2 ½ baths and two car garage. Our customer purchased their wholesale cash house from a family friend who recently had been remarried and allowed her younger adult son & friends take over the house. Needless to say, there were BB gun targets, cigarette ashtrays, drug paraphenalia, piles of trash and more. The customer was appalled at the smell of the carpet which had mildewed without air conditioning during the summer heat of Houston. She needed the house cleaned quickly including demo of cabinets, doors, kitchen, bathrooms, decking, garden fencing, and removal of a wet bar & all carpet from both floors. For carpet removal, we typically charge by the square footage including removal & disposal of the carpet and padding. We also removed the tackboards. This entire trash out including demolition took us 2 business days, 5 entirely full trailer dumpsters of waste (80 cubic yards), and after the walk through another 2 hours. This allowed the home flipper to have the plumbers, ac guys, electrical guys, and contractors to begin the renovation on that Friday. They were so pleased. Check out the before & after photos and the video walk thrus of this whole home cleanout:
whole house junk hauling 1
whole house junk hauling 2
whole house junk hauling 3
whole house junk hauling 4
whole house junk hauling 5
whole house junk hauling 6

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