Demolition and Junk Removal Example Contract 2

Here is an example contract we used for a customer in Houston on a medium sized junk removal and interior demolition we performed. We are not lawyers, this is only to serve as an example to display some the concerns you need to address when communicating higher dollar trash outs and small scale demo projects with your customers


This contract made and entered into this date 22Jan2020_ by and between Customer Name (name of the business), herein after referred to as the customer, and Your Company Name (owned by YOUR NAME), herein after referred to as the contractor, wherein the contractor agrees to make necessary junk removal and demolition at the property located at Customer address city and zip  and owned by the customer. The work outlined should take about 2-3 days after work has begun.


The contractor will undertake the following responsibilities, junk removal and demolition work related to these areas of the house:

  • Demolition and Removal of the backyard metal shed and adjacent fenced/ roof area

  • Removal of all sheet rock and trim in the garage, including the ceiling

  • Removal of all kitchen cabinets, counters, sink, fridge, and sheet rock in the kitchen and dining room. The ceiling sheet rock in the kitchen and dining room will NOT be removed.

  • Removal of the vinyl flooring in the kitchen and dining room. Please note that we will NOT be scraping up or using solvents to eliminate any glue that may remain after removal.

  • Removal of the “built ins” in the living room

  • Removal of all laminate flooring in the living room, hallway, and three bedrooms.

  • Removal of all upper and lower trim in the house.

  • Removal of all sheet rock in the living room EXCEPT the ceiling.

  • Removal of all closet shelving throughout the house.

  • Removal of the sheet rock from one closet wall adjacent to the hallway a/c vent.

  • Removal of tub, bathroom cabinets, counter, mirror, and all sheet rock including ceiling in bathroom one. The toilet will NOT be removed. 

  • Removal of tub and all sheet rock including ceiling in bathroom number two.

  • Disposal of all items listed for removal.

  • Date of work will be 23Jan2020-27Jan2020

  • We require unobstructed access of complete driveway area  during the clean out as we will have multiple trucks, trailers, and workers. (We need space to maneuver safely without damaging other contractor vehicles or work areas).

  • Please note that while we remain cautious during our demolition activities, we will not accept financial liability  for damage that may occur to piping or electrical systems behind walls we cannot see.

  • The garage water heater will NOT be removed.


For the above mentioned services, the customer will pay the contractor a sum of $ 0 as advance payment in cash, and after completion of the demolition / debris removal work, a sum of  $ 4,405 will be paid by the customer via cash only on 27Jan2020 or upon completion of the work outlined. We DO NOT invoice customers to get paid at later dates, payment is due upon completion. 


Signature of Customer   


Signature of Contractor

Your Name and Date

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