Junk Removal Phone Script

Here is a list of some of the general questions and concerns you need to address when answering your phone for junk removal jobs. Keep in mind that these prices are a little outdated, but many of the logistical concerns are timeless.  

Downloadable google word doc:Junk Removal Snap Junk Phone Script

Hi this is Mike with Snap Junk Removal, How can I help you?

Ok, What side of town are you on? (within service area)?

Ok, what kind of junk did you have?

  • Contruction:
    • Is there any tile or concrete? How Much (square feet)?
      • $200 a yard tile PLUS volume for other trash
      • $300 a yard concrete PLUS volume for other trash
    • Is it in the back yard? If so add $50 when discussing price
  • Furniture:
    • Upstairs?
  • Household Trash/Items:
  • Garage Junk
  • Demo jobs:

Where is the junk located?

  • Upstairs
  • Backyard
  • Garage
    • Specify we don’t take hazardous chemicals like paints, oil, solvents. 4 tires max.
  • Sideyard
  • Curb
  • Business
    • Name of business, unit #, landmarks?
  • Storage
    • Gate Code? What Unit?
  • Apartment
    • Ask what floor?
    • Is there a gate? What is the code?
  • High Rise Condo/multistory office building:
    • We DON’T do these: parking and multiple floors/doorway issues
  • Downtown Areas:
    • We DON’T do these

When would you like this done?

  • We can get credit card over phone when done if necessary, with after pictures
  • Is there a lock box? (if home is for sale or being renovated by investor)

Are you familiar with our volume based pricing online?

  • Push quote on site once you get comfortable, you will be able to charge a premium and land more jobs!
  • “We come out with 2 men and a 16ft landscaping trailer with 4 ft high sides. You point, to what you want gone and our guys do all the loading and lifting for you. To fill the trailer ALL THE WAY is $400 plus tax, BUT its prorated so halfway full would be $200 plus tax, and one quarter way would be $100 plus tax for instance. Price includes loading and disposal.” (keep in mind these were pre-covid 2017 prices)
  • Offer dumpster if appropriate:
    • “We can rent you the 16ft trailer with 4ft sides to use as a dumpster for $320 plus tax for 2 days or $350 plus tax for 7 days. It is the same is a 15 yard dumpster. You can load up to 5,000 pounds, but we don’t accept any hazardous waste such as paint, oil, refrigerants, and solvents. To rent it we require an onsite contact with an ID and credit card to pay and sign a rental form. Price includes drop off, pick up, and dump fees”
    • 20 yard: $515 plus tax, up to 2 weeks, 8-ton max
    • 30 yard: $565 plus tax, up to 2 weeks, 8-ton max
    • 40 yard: $615 plus tax, up to 2 weeks, 8-ton max
    • For the Roll-off containers an onsite contact must be there all day for delivery to direct the driver. Rental form agreement will be emailed and credit card taken over phone.

By the way, how did you hear about us?

Okay I think I have all the info I need. We have you penciled in for_____ at _______ . Our guys will give you a thirty minute heads up when we are on the way. See you __________

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