Mobile Home Demolition Houston

Houston, do you have an old beat up mobile home sitting on your property that just needs to get hauled away to the dump? Well we do that now too. Not every mobile home is worth saving. If the structure is still good and the wheels and axles are still functional we may be able to relocate it for the price of moving.
If your trailer home is worse for the wear however, just give us a call at 281-610-6682 for a free estimate for mobile home demolition and removal. To demolish it in place and then haul off the debris we charge about $8 per a square foot. So, the average mobile home will cost $6,000-$9,000 to remove completely, depending on size and composition. Double-wides will obviously be more expensive than single-wides because they are larger.
To put the cost into perspective, consider the fact that just to move a good (intact in good shape with good axles) single-wide trailer house 35 miles or less will cost you $3,200 and up, and a double wide will cost you $6,500 and up. Add to that cost the extra work and equipment involved with tearing a mobile home up, and then the extra disposal fees we have to pay at the landfill, and hopefully our costs make a little bit more sense. If your mobile home is full of trash and furniture we can handle that too, we just charge a little bit more.
Please give us a call at 281-610-6682 to discuss your mobile home / trailer house / manufactured home removal and demolition needs.

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