Junk Removal Scheduling Issues

It happens time and time again, customers call us frantic, stressed out, and in a hurry to get rid of a bunch of trash on a Saturday evening and they can’t find anyone with availability to come out and take it. Often times they are in the middle of a move, and their house is being closed on that weekend so they HAVE to have the junk gone before the new owners move in. But, they’ve called three different companies for help, but no-one can do it before the weekend is over with, if they even pick up their phone at all.
So what happened here? Its a pretty common situation with pretty simple causes. First of all, more customers are off work on the weekends, which means they tie up all sorts of moving and junk removal professionals, which means that we constantly get booked up fast on the weekends, especially since some other customers planned ahead and pre-booked services, Also, more people move on the weekends, which is a large source of business for junk removal / trash removal, and it is typically higher volumes of trash when associated with a move out. But HERE’S THE KICKER, most landfills and transfer stations where junk haulers dispose of trash close early on Saturdays (about 12 noon) and are closed all day Sunday. So at the busiest time of the week for demand for junk removal and dumpster rental, the places where we can dispose of this trash are unavailable / closed. This consistently creates a huge bottle neck for our services on the weekend. We simply run out of space.    
Consider also that more people move out at the end of the month. This means that if you have trash removal needs near the end of the month, local junk haulers may already have their schedule filled. Now, if you need junk removal on the weekend, AND its the end of the month, its a recipe for disaster in terms of availability.    
To complicate matters one step further, what most people don’t realize is that junk removal is a somewhat seasonal business. During spring and summer when home sales are at their peak, the junk removal business also stays busy. But then during winter and fall months, business can slow down to half or 30% of Summer levels. Much of this is tied to decreased demand when people are not moving because there’s less moving trash, but also because there is a fair bit of remodeling that gets done during spring and summer and cuts off during the colder months. Because of this, junk removal companies are often forced to cut staff after the busy season is over. This means that we have to keep a careful watch to make sure we are not overstaffed, but also run the risk of being understaffed sometimes in the name of running a profitable business. As you can guess this also contributes to scheduling issues and bottleneck of availability for most junk removal businesses.    
Here at Snap Junk Removal we are constantly working to acquire more dumpsters and equipment so that we are better able to serve you and can avoid running out of inventory on the weekend. Give us a call or text at 281-610-6682 if you need junk hauled or dumpster rental. If we can’t get to you on your schedule, chances are we can recommend you to one of our competitors who may have sooner availability, or can recommend last minute emergency measures to get you over your scheduling hump.

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