Interesting Junk Removal Items We Find

Hey there this is Melissa Mettlach of the Snap Junk Removal family. I am employed nearly full time with my husband Michael working for the Snap Junk business. I am in charge of the online marketing, logo, printed ads, and signage, but also I am engaged in the actual hard work and sweat of junk hauling itself. I've lugged heavy bricks in 98 degree weather & helped with hoarder clean ups - its fun & challenging. It is interesting to see all of the fun and unique things that we get. We do all types of cleanouts on a large scale so we typically just load quickly & possibly sort later for donations or recycling or resale. When a family member passes or an older couple moves out of a home, we come help take away the items which are no longer valued or larger items which the trash services will not take. And sometimes we get some neat things along with all the garbage and clutter. I've found things like carnival glass & figurines stamped "Made in Occupied Japan" and serving sets straight out of the 50s including plastic dining room mod furniture and National Geographic Collections dating to the 1960s. Its not uncommon to find the box of old toys a child owned that mom kept, so the collectibles we've come across include Star Wars, Fraggle Rock, Howdy Doody, Magic the Gathering, My Little Pony, Beanie Babies, Coca Cola Glasses, Whataburger & Dr Pepper Mugs, - You name it. Unfortunately being in the Houston area, the climate is inviting for buggies & critters to mess up good junk. So sometimes you just gotta throw the good away with the bad. Its all part of the game. There are very few things that stick out in memory as far as junk we've saved from the landfill. We've gotten a copier and some expensive shoes we've sold on eBay which were so exciting we won't forget them. But many items fade as time goes on. This item, however, I don't think I'll ever forget. We were doing a REO clean out or a real estate investor trash out in Spring Branch (West Houston / Northwest Houston) a few weeks ago, and we came across one of the most interesting and unique things thus far. Snuggled in the back of a closet inside the garage, on a high top shelf was a silvery brass vase. The investor was actually on site helping catalog his inventory & items to donate, so we called him over to check it out. When he pulled it down from the shelf, we were all in shock when we realized we were looking at an urn of someone's relative who'd passed on. Unfortunately, the home was a foreclosure which was purchased and then resold so there it was unlikely we could help track down it's family. But the investor took it with him anyway hoping to reunite them in the future. So when you ask us what is the most interesting thing we've found doing Junk Hauling in Houston? Its definitely the most questionable thing we've found doing Junk Hauling in Northwest Houston.

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