How Big is a Cubic Yard for Junk Removal Pricing?

Watch this short video to get real life comparisons you can relate to regarding how big a cubic yard is. Once you figure this out you can get a rough estimate about what it should cost to remove, and also be able to speak the lingo of the junk removal companies you call.  
Often times junk jobs are quoted based largely on volume of junk to be removed, and these quotes are likely given in terms of price per a cubic yard. But what exactly does this mean and how do you relate it to real life experience? Technically a cubic yard is 36" tall x 36" wide x 36" deep. But sometimes it hard to determine exactly how that compares to common furniture items you need removed, so we made this video to give you a visual representation you can relate to.
For instance, a couch is about 2 cubic yards, a large refrigerator is about 1.75 cubic yards, a queen mattress is about 1 cubic yard, and a regular size washer or dryer is about 0.5 cubic yards.
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