Gutting a House Down to the Studs

The other week we got a call from a local home flipper who had completely gutted a 1300 square foot house. He just loaded all the stuff from inside the house into the garage, and we ended up taking three loads of waste. We hauled off all the sheetrock, cabinets,  bathroom fixtures, vanities,  toilets, and shelving from inside the house. He had already disposed of the flooring so we didn't end up taking any of that. All in all, it was about 45 cubic yards of trash for this 1300 square foot home. While this investor decided to do all the sheetrock, and other demolition himself, we can also act as your demolition contractor and perform this demo service for you as well. We charge about $2.50 / a square foot to gut a house down to the studs AND dispose of all the waste, not including flooring which can be done for an extra fee. We also ended up hauling a bunch of branches out of the backyard for him. For a 2000 square foot house this might be about $5,000, for a 1200 square foot house this might be about $2,800. 
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