Brush and Branch Removal Piles Aren’t As Big As They Look

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When removing branches, brush, trees, and green waste, it’s important to realize one thing. Although it may look like a lot of volume after you’ve gone crazy in your backyard with a chainsaw and branch clippers, it actually compresses quite well in a dumpster. But how much? After doing hundreds of branch and brush haul offs I would say it’s pretty easy to condense green waste to 2 to 3 times it’s volume when being done by a professional junk pick up service.  
All you have to do is spend a little extra time cutting it, stacking it, and smashing it down. Pay special attention to cutting the larger portions of the limbs where they Y off near the bases of each limb. Leaving everything intact and connected creates artificial chasms of empty space in the dumpster. Also, stack the limbs parallel to each other lengthwise in the dumpster. Stack a few layers with the base of the limbs oriented close to the doors of the dumpster, then switch orientation and stack a few layers with the base near the other side; towards the front of the dumpster. If you alternate layers in this fashion there will be less "fluff" and airspace from a lopsided stack. Finally, once you have filled the dumpster to the top, jump in on top of the branches and smash down just using your body weight. On your first smash you will probably cut the volume in half pretty easily. Be careful not to impale yourself on any stiffer branches. Also watch out for thicker branch parts that can catch and twist your ankle. In addition, make sure you wear long sleeves, gloves, and pants to protect yourself from insects and scratches. Finally, we would recommend wearing some sort of eye protection or glasses so you don’t poke yourself in the eye with branches. Continue stacking more brush till you get to the top again and smash it down again. Repeat until it just doesn’t smash anymore and it’s full.  
So, easily you can compress brush as seen in this picture two or three times its original volume. If you really try you can probably get 4 times the volume.  
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